The market allows gastro-enthusiasts to become restaurateurs within 2 days by testing their concept and product in real public, introducing guests to new tastes and types of street food and setting gastronomic trends.
New rental format for small businesses, the opportunity to open a cafe for a short term. Before investing millions in a project, test it by running a temporary cafe.
Video lectures and useful courses online for those who are going to start their own gastronomy business or improve efficiency of the existing one.
A program of prompt elaboration of your personal business project with the industry experts. The program consists of thematic units that correspond to preparation stages for your cafe opening or a gastronomic project launch.
Subscription for new local products, every month we select 8 new interesting products and bring to you in a lovely box.
Local food has helped more than 700 gastronomic projects to find their way in gastronomy as well as to open a cafe, restaurant or to realize the dream. Those who have done that — The Heroes of Local food — are indicated on the gastro-enthusiasts map.
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