Local Food Market
Season of Local Food Markets came to an end in 2019
ON APRIL 27-28
Home party
ON MAY 25-26
Green Market
ON JUNE 29-30
The Great Food Festival
VkusVill. Festival for Friends
Craft market
Town picnic

How to get to the Market
From the metro station Dmitrovskaya pass 330 m to the Centre of modern culture Chlebozavod (Novodmitrovskaya st., block 1).
The Schedule of the Markets in 2019:
4 Great street festivals
ON JUNE 29-30 The Great Food Festival
ON SEPTEMBER 7-8 Town picnic
2 Thematic markets
ON AUGUST 3-4 Craft market
ON OCTOBER 12-13 Bread and Coffee
Local Food Market is the first gastronomic festival in Moscow, which is held every month from May to
October within the last 6 years.
Gastronomic projects creators stand behind the counters, talk to guests and get honest feedback. Each Market guest can ask any question about the product and share his opinion.
Talk with those who cook —
rest assured, you will be listened and thanked
Be sure to ask the participants about their projects and food, be interested in what other people behind your table eat and how are they doing
At the Local Food Market it is not boring to stand in line and it is not scary to sit down a communal table.
We believe that each business's goal is not just to make money, but also to create a social good.
Our mission is to build a new restaurant industry, that cares about customers' desires and needs and respects them.
Our partners:
Companies and brands that share our ideas and mission
What the Local Food Market consists of
Our members:
Permanent Market members, and those who started on the Market, and then opened their own cafes
Share your opinion about the Market
If you come to the Market — fill out the questionnaire (they are on the tables), or go to the organizer kiosk and have a short interview.
Food. That's the main thing on the Market. We chose the most interesting gastronomic projects, authentic and trendy products. On the Market, both professionals and neophytes are side by side with each other, and guests judge on the product by its quality not by a sign.
The key word is sincerity. We always welcome everyone on the Local Food Market. We advise guests of the Market to communicate, quiz the participants on dishes and give them feedback.
Good city projects
We invite different exciting projects to each Market such as reading groups, bicycle workshops, cleaning services, painting schools for adults, public speaking courses, etc. Follow the schedule in our group on Facebook.
We provide card payment, bicycle parking, children's area, drinking bowls for dogs, racks with a hand sanitizer. We make a Market friendly both for guests and for participants. The main the criteria is your comfort and leisure pursuit.
The Market doesn't sale only ready-made food, our groceries present local products that you can buy to go. Original jams and sauces, freshly roasted coffee beans and unusual tea, cheeses and cold cuts, craft bread and pastries.
Lecture Hall
We always prepare a various program of lectures, associated with the matter of each Market. Our Lecture hall is a mini-branch of the Gastronomic Business School, where you can visit thematic lectures about food, business, start-ups and all that jazz.
Sanitary Doctor
Each Market and Food Court of the Local Food Market isn't without a sanitary doctor who monitors the work of the participants and every hour carries out a reinspection. If you have any questions or suspicions, feel free to contact Mrs.Kolesnikova.
A few days before the event you'll get the complete menu of the Market, and the schedule of all activities, lectures and concerts.
How did you know about the Market?
Are you from the restaurant industry?
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Local Food Market 2019
If you would like to take part in the Local Food Market in 2020, please fill in the form and we will write to you! Don't miss the date of the first tastings - follow us for more information.
Unfortunately, the application filling doesn't mean automatic participation in the tasting.
Project name
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Honesty and sincerity is the key to the best description. ATTENTION! Projects that have already participated in the Market should write about why they would like to take part again.
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