For two days chefs, restaurateurs, gastro enthusiasts and special people prepare food, organize space and spend time together. We just live. An ordinary life in which the norm is different and equal people together.

what and why?
Kind Canteen is about food and people.
We want to invite restaurateurs, chiefs, gastro-enthusiasts, guests of our markets and all who is interested to cook together with special people, wards of funds, people from orphanages, people with mental disorders or disabilities, homeless people, different and equal people.

Cooking food for guests and those who starve and who can't find livelihood in our big city of opportunities.
We want to replace: "pity" with "empathy", "tolerance" with "openness", "constraint" with "courage", "condescension" with "frankness", "feat" with "act", "silence" with "making".
To refuse division of people on the social status on "normal" and "abnormal" is a new form of tolerance. And everyone who will be on this day with us has to be internally dared to erase these borders.
We won't praise anyone and shout about how much good we've created. Because being kind and open is not a supernatural achievement but an usual order of things.

We are team of "Local Food". For 6 years we're doing the Local Food Markets in Moscow and not only them, we are also taking part in development of responsible business at School of Gastronomic Business and making the forum "Local FoodHeroes".

We do "Kind Canteen" because we can.

Restaurateurs, gastro-enthusiasts, people without a certain residence, people with mental and physical features, volunteers.

coming soon

coming soon
Anatoly Kazakov, Selfie
Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky, Twins Garden
Eduard Khaertdinov, Madame Wong
Andrey Shmakov, Savva
Ivan Luchkin, BRUXX
Andrey Poleshuk, Italy
how it was in 2019:
Nastya Kolesnikova